Lightweight Mobile Web Designs Created by the Expert Design & Development Team at Socius Marketing

Mobile Design

Seemingly everyone nowadays has a smartphone in their pocket, so it’s no surprise that ever larger shares of website traffic are coming from these devices. What many business owners don’t consider, however, is that the same website that’s worked incredibly well for their users in the past may not provide the same experience for the users of these devices. Sites need to account for the fact users on their mobile devices don’t want to use as much data, won’t have the same processing power as they would on a PC, and can’t always navigate pages as easily.

With many skilled coders and designers on staff, Socius Marketing can create the types of sites that are easy for mobile users to access without forcing you to use a pre-made system that looks completely different from your main site. We’ll create a separate mobile domain that automatically loads when someone accesses your website from a smartphone, mirroring your entire site to present its information in a format that’s clearly readable for mobile users. Some of the features we may incorporate into your mobile design include:

  • Alternative menu systems, optimized for touch screens
  • Different text size and font to ensure readability
  • Fewer images and videos to cut down on data usage
  • Contact features that make it easy for users to call or e-mail with just a tap
  • And more

In addition to traditional mobile designs, our company is also a pioneer in creating responsive web designs. Unlike mobile designs that mirror your website with a different skin, responsive designs are coded to automatically adapt themselves to whatever device they’re accessed on. After detecting a device’s viewing resolution (which generally indicates whether a user is on a phone, tablet, or PC), they’ll automatically load the right features to create the best possible experience for its user.

Our team will be happy to provide you with a free website analysis and explain how our mobile or responsive designs can improve its performance. In fact, we even have case studies that show the dramatic effect these solutions have had for many of our previous customers.

For more information and to see examples of just what a difference Socius Marketing’s advanced mobile and responsive web designs can make for your business’s website, contact us today.