Step Up Your Paid Advertising Game by Integrating Microsites from Socius Marketing into Your Strategy

If you need to improve your company’s paid media or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising conversion rates, a microsite could be the missing piece of the puzzle. A microsite is basically a pared-down version of your company’s main website that lives outside of your brand URL and offers topic-specific, relevant information about a product or service. When potential customers click through an ad that directs them to a microsite, instead of becoming overwhelmed by everything your company offers and losing sight of their original interests, they can stay focused on a specific product or service. This allows you to frame your brand in a way that isn’t possible on your main website, and can help turn “browsers” into legitimate leads.

At Socius Marketing, we design custom microsites that are an important part of the overall digital advertising strategy we offer to our clients. These sites are completely secure and include:

  • A home page and a small amount of additional pages, so potential customers have all the information needed to make a decision
  • An open-form call to action on every page, so mobile users can complete the process without having to click and load a new page
  • Integration with Google AdWords campaigns, so the customer’s location can be incorporated into the site
  • An “About Us” section on every page to help create familiarity and comfort, which has been shown to improve conversion rates
  • A “Showroom Locator” on every page that displays the showroom nearest to the user

And, as always, our clients own 100 percent of the microsites we create and are able to host them wherever they choose. Socius Marketing won’t hold your site hostage and use it as leverage to keep you as a client.

For additional information about microsites and the advantages they can offer to PPC and paid media campaigns, contact Socius Marketing today.