Website Redesign: More than a Pretty Face

Website redesigns can not only update your business’s online image for potential customers, but also significantly boost its visibility to search engines when managed appropriately. With an optimized structure, you’ll find that search engines can index more of your site’s pages and better assign value to your most important ones. This helps bring more of the traffic that you need to make your site a valuable resource to your business.

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The Client


Many people have started turning away from traditional doctor’s offices to urgent care clinics that can provide all the services on more flexible schedules that suit patients’ busy lives. However, many clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners rather than doctors, limiting the scope of medical services that they are able to provide. South Tampa Immediate Care provides the convenience of the walk-in clinics found in grocery and drug stores, but with doctors who can offer a broader range of medical care. Their market is highly competitive with similar firms, making it essential for STIC to provide prospective patients with the information they are searching for swiftly to capture their attention.

The process

Socius’ process for this project involved working with the client to identify the information clients were searching for most and developing ways to make these features readily apparent. Some of the steps we took included:

– Performed a thorough discovery process to identify key weaknesses in site usability and in STIC’s website goals –
– Recreated URL structure to align with SEO best practices –
– Added a customized tool that provides information on current wait times for prospective patients –
– Developed a clear sitemap that provides visibility of interior pages to search engines –
– Implemented 301 redirects as needed to prevent loss of current URL rank –
– Resubmitted the updated site to Google, ensuring that the new site architecture was quickly indexed –

The Results

Our skilled designers implemented a simple, eye-catching layout that put important information front-and-center for site visitors. Once the site was resubmitted to Google, the number of pages indexed doubled. The site also performed better in relation to numerous key audience metrics, including total visitors, total page views, average pages viewed, and average time-on-site.

Number of Pages indexed by Google = Doubled
Number of Visitors = Tripled
Number of page views = 3.75x more
Average time-on-site increased by 30%
Pages receiving traffic from search engines more than doubled
South Tampa Immediate Care

Previous Site

# of Pages Indexed

“We’ve been with Socius Marketing since September 2009 and have enjoyed working with their experienced and friendly staff. Not only do they have in-depth knowledge about SEO and our industry, but the results and increase in patients we have received from their efforts have been well worth it. Plus, we love our new website design!”

Dr. Daniel Murphy, Owner of South Tampa Immediate Care and Tampa Orthopeadic & Sports Medicine


In addition to giving your older website a facelift, redesigns also provide an opportunity to implement new technologies and features specifically targeted to help align your site with your business’s goals. And, when handled properly with respects to redirects and resubmission, a business does not need to risk a loss of the traffic and rankings that it’s already achieved.

As our results with STIC show, when updated imagery, site navigation, interactive features, and other interface components are built with the site’s end users and purpose in mind, restructures can have significant impacts on many key metrics. These updates can help keep visitors engaged on your website longer, go deeper into your conversion funnel, and, most important, find the information they need to understand what you’re able to offer.