Banner Advertising – An Excellent Way to Break Into a New Market

Skyscraper Banner AdvertisingBanner advertising on the Internet is a great way to get as many eyes as possible on a new brand or product. Own a new company? Seeking a broader Internet presence for your existing websites? Let Socius Marketing help you develop a display advertising campaign that will give you virtually instant results – and provide a foundation for your future Internet marketing endeavors.

Almost every time you browse the Internet, you see banner advertising – the panels can be located nearly anywhere on a page. Banner ads may be large, obvious image ads laid across the top of a page, or smaller tiles offering a subtler message.

How do you choose the shape, size, or page placement to use for your banner advertising campaign? How do you determine which websites are likely to provide the best return on investment for your display ad campaign? That’s where Socius Marketing can be of the most assistance. Our Internet marketing experts comb through the data to determine where your ad will be most effective. Here are just a few of the criteria used to determine ad placement:

  • Performance of the chosen websites
  • Targeted industries represented by the websites
  • Regular monitoring of click-through rate (CTR) and bounce rate, important factors in determining the effectiveness of particular
  • keywords
  • Geographical location of the majority of users of chosen websites

If you’re ready to start a promising new chapter in your company’s growth history with a banner advertising campaign sure to bring results, click or call today for a complimentary website analysis from Socius Marketing.

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