Socius Marketing’s Algorithmic Testing Makes Our SEO Better

Talk to 10 different SEO firms about optimizing your website, and they’re likely to give you at least 11 different strategies. Some companies will wax poetic about how Social Media is the most important thing on the planet. Many will suggest outdated tactics, like Meta keywords and adding massive zip code lists to your site. Still others will talk about link building or the total number of pages on a site. However, when you ask them how they KNOW these strategies will be effective, you’ll get vague, confusing answers.

Here at Socius Marketing, we have developed our strategy based on extensive research and testing into Google’s algorithm. We have invested millions of dollars into building and operating multiple test bed sites, where we test a variety of different SEO strategies. By observing these sites, we can determine how various factors influence their ability to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). The factors we test include:

  • Keyword densities in content
  • Anchor tagging patterns
  • Internal linking structures
  • Geo-target inclusions
  • Site layouts
  • Update frequency
  • Image and element tagging
  • Page title structure

We’ve used this information to train our team in strategies that are proven to deliver lasting rankings to our clients. Running these sites also helps us keep apprised of changes in Google’s algorithm, so we can proactively adapt our SEO strategy. While many firms struggled to deal with Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, we managed to quickly identify their effects and adapt our strategy accordingly to help our clients preserve their rankings. It also means we don’t have to rely on using our clients’ sites as lab rats in our experiments on emerging trends. When you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll never put your rankings at risk chasing the latest internet marketing fad.

What’s more, the result of our extensive algorithmic testing speaks for itself. For company after company in industry after industry, we have gotten sites to gain rankings on competitive keywords, driving significant increases in both traffic and conversions. In fact, our clients rank highly for literally millions of different keywords and territories, all thanks to our investment in making sure our process is effective.

For more information on our SEO strategy and an analysis of your site, contact us today.